Julie Parker Design


Sunshine and crazy hair

When I was a little girl, if the sun came out, I would strip off all my clothes and run around the neighborhood naked. Not too much has changed since then. I still love running around outside in the sunshine. I have, however, learned to keep my clothes on.

My passion for adventure was first sparked on a high school trip to Smith Rock, Oregon. I found freedom and wildness while camping and ascending the canyon's vertical walls. I loved the sun and sand and the way the wind knotted my curly hair up into a crazy mess. I've been chasing that feeling ever since.

As a graphic and web designer, I try to capture the beauty of the outdoors in my work. Whether it's a color palette inspired by nature, or a simple, clean design that is reminiscent of pristine snow, I strive to tie together the things that I love.

I'm also passionate about sharing stories and photos from my adventures on the road. Whether I'm sharing thoughts on the gear I used on a recent adventure, or posting photos from a climbing trip to Mallorca, Spain, I strive to catch the feeling of inspiration that keeps me running outside.